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Inclusion and Equality

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and Inclusion Lead is Sarah Hudson.  Mrs Hudson is experienced in many areas of special educational needs.  Prior to a child coming into school, Mrs Hudson and/or Mrs Roberts will meet with parents/carers of individual children, so they can discuss any additional needs which their child may have and the ways in which those needs can be effectively met.  The school can also access the advice and support of, the Nottingham City Autism Team, Educational Psychology Service and Inclusive Education Service should there be the need to do so.

At Dovecote Primary and Nursery School we believe passionately in the importance of inclusion and equality for all children and adults, and we strive to ensure these values are at the heart of our practices. Our school motto is, To rise above the ordinary and give our pupils wings and we work tirelessly to ensure all of our children aspire to this. We are ambitious for all our children, including those with SEND, and our curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of the children at our school.

We pride ourselves on being an extremely inclusive school at Dovecote Primary and Nursery.  If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to discuss, then please contact Mrs Hudson on 01159152953.

     Definitions of special educational needs (SEN) taken from section 20 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

A child has SEN if they have a learning difficulty or disability, which calls for special educational provision to be made for them.  A child of compulsory school age or a young person has a learning difficulty or disability if they:

  • have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age; or
  • have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post-16 institutions.

A child under compulsory school age has special educational needs if they fall within the definition at (a) or (b) above or would do so if special educational provision was not made for them.

Children must not be regarded as having a learning difficulty solely because the language or form of language of their home is different from the language in which they will be taught.

Local Offer

The interventions and support offered at Dovecote Primary and Nursery School feed into the Local Authority local offer. In line with the Children and Families Act (2014) the Local Authority have brought together all of the information on services that support children and young people with SEND in one place.

It is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know and every service you might need to access, including:

  • Health, such as doctors, nurses and therapists

  • Education, such as schools, colleges, nurseries, playgroups and support services

  • Social Care

It also covers all of the support groups in the voluntary sector, as well as leisure activities. The aim is to provide all the information families need to make decisions about the best provision required.

Special Education Needs & Disabilities Local Offer | Ask Lion - Nottingham City Directory

As part of this Local Offer we at Dovecote Primary and Nursery School provide, as much as feasibly possible, graduated provision as outlined in the Nottingham City Schools Provision Maps for the current needs of pupils in the school. These can be found below and also on the Nottingham City Council website.